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From the Head of Primary Meadow Springs – Newsletter 1 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

On Monday, it was wonderful to have the students back for the new school year and to hear stories from the holiday break. They returned excited and ready to begin the New Year, and although some students experienced some initial nerves about what lay ahead, they quickly embraced their new teachers, classrooms and class members.

Changing schools and classes can be a daunting experience, but with support and encouragement, it is one of the simpler challenges of life that can be successfully overcome. If your child is feeling a little overwhelmed, let their classroom teacher know so they can support them in this transition. Schools provide a safe environment where experiencing such feelings while being supported through them, helps to lay a strong foundation for resilience in the future. Promoting child agency around decision making is a healthy way to lessen anxiety and help children to cope with life’s unexpected twists and turns.

I welcome our new students and their families across the Primary. I hope your journey with us is everything you anticipated it would be and more. In 2020, we are looking forward to sharing many exciting experiences with you. Welcome to Ms Rebecca Waddell, Ms Annelise Van den Elzen, Mrs Jessica Starkey and Mrs Toni Jacobs who have joined the Primary team at the Meadow Springs campus this year.

In Week 2, there will be Parent Information sessions and Mr Teape and I look forward to catching up with you during these meetings. The timetable for the meetings is below. These sessions are important opportunities to meet your child’s teacher and to learn about the educational program for the coming year. Therefore, it is encouraged that families attend these meetings.

Monday 10 Feb – Parent Info Session
Y4 @ 4.00pm
Y2 @ 4.45pm

Tuesday 11 Feb – Parent Info Session
Y1 @ 4.00pm
Y5 @ 4.45pm
Y5 Camp meeting @ 5.30pm

Wednesday 12 Feb – Parent Info Session
Pre-Primary @ 4.00pm
Y6 @ 4.45pm
Y6 Canberra Tour and Alternate Programme meeting @ 5.30pm

Thursday 13 Feb – Parent Info Session
Y3 @ 4.00pm
Kindy @ 4.45pm

Parking is at a premium due to the building works and redevelopment for the new gymnasium and so people collecting students are asked to park in the parking areas provided, either in the large car park off Oakmont Avenue, which is designated for Primary, or in the public spaces available on Oakmont Avenue.

The Long Stay carpark behind Primary Reception is not available for drop-off or pick-up and is now staff only parking due to the building works which will be commencing during the term. Some bays in the large carpark are also needed for staff parking so it will require patience when accessing the School, especially in the afternoons.

Arriving later for ‘Kiss and Drop’ helps to alleviate the congestion and is a good option as the children are supervised while they wait.

Kind regards

Sue Skehan

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