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From the Head of Primary Halls Head – Newsletter Edition 08, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We have come to the end of Term 2 and it is lovely to say that we have had a very productive and settled term. Our staff worked hard to provide a consistent and stable program for our students, as the previous term brought challenges beyond our control. I am very proud of our staff and students and have remarked numerous times on the independence that we are consistently seeing our students demonstrate. This is a skill that we will continue to promote and foster with everyone. I have also spoken to every class about setting goals and the importance of having goals when we return in Term 3.

Student Leaders

On Thursday 2 July we formally commissioned our House Captains and it was a special moment for these students and our community. For our students it was the opportunity to formally recognise their achievement and appointment to the role, while, for our community, it signified the first time we could again come together. I spoke to our students about integrity and that by having strong values; we could rely on these to make positive decisions. I also spoke about support and the reality that everyone in our community will support our House Captains in their leadership journey. I formally congratulate Jack Wade, Delilah Milne, Ella Adams, Rhiannon Moody, Amelia Hartland and Daniel Tearle on their appointments.

I would also like to mention our Junior Councillors, Mekenzie Hall and Daniel Tearle, for their efforts with the Junior Council and City of Mandurah. During the Government restrictions, both of these students continued their collaboration with the Council through digital platforms and were able to remain connected to their leadership group. Mekenzie and Daniel are continuing their hard work to develop youth initiatives for Mandurah and are congratulated for their diligence.

Cross Country

Our Cross Country Carnival was rescheduled for Friday 3 July and the new day proved to be a great environment for our students. We were again able to have our parents on campus and all students were given the opportunity to get involved. I witnessed students supporting each other and enjoying the opportunity to once again compete in a carnival. I thank Mrs Shepherd for her organisation and the staff and parent helpers who were involved to make this event successful.


I also wanted to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to parents and carers for their support through a challenging semester, whether it be supporting the learning of their child at home, adhering to difficult restrictions about being on campus or following the guidelines around parking and kiss and drop. We have always and will continue to work as a community. I have had many parents express to me that they appreciate and value the hard work of the staff and I want you to know that in every instance this message has been passed on. We are blessed to have a passionate and dedicated team supporting our students and I too thank them for their ongoing hard work and care. I have lost track of how many times I have spoken about our special community at Halls Head, but it will never lose its significance. I hope everyone has a lovely break and is able to spend time with their loved ones.

Noah Clark
Head of Primary – Halls Head Campus

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