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Anglican Schools Commission Piano Competition 2018

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the 6th Annual ASC Piano Competition this year:

  • Aila Lewis, 3M1
  • Stella Lewis, 4M2
  • Ashley Bailey, 5M1
  • Mikayla Elvidge, 7VF
  • Jarrad Lindsay, Year 8
  • Felicity Gillett, Year 8
  • Emily Coughlan, Year 8
  • Dayna Draper, Year 8
  • Keely Hockley, Year 9
  • Caitlin Lindgren, Year 9
  • Emma Batterham, Year 9
  • Lauren Daniels, Year 9
  • Declan Lillis, Year 9
  • Adam Lindsay, Year 10
  • Summer Burkett, Year 10
  • Mark Smith, Year 10
  • Rachel Hull, Year 12

The students had a long drive up to Peter Moyes Anglican Community School in Mindarie, where they competed in categories based on AMEB Grades. Our students represented the School beautifully, displaying their musical talents, as well as their friendly, inclusive manners, and their support of one another.

Congratulations to the following students who reached the finals:

  • Felicity Gillett – Performing in the Integrity Category
  • Jarrad Lindsay- 2nd Place in the Faith Category
  • Lauren Daniels – 1st Place in the Justice Category

Special mention was made of Adam Lindsay, who was very close to reaching the final for his performance.

Kind regards
Fiona Dods
Music Teacher

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