House System Primary

House System

The House system is used to develop the feeling of unity and cooperation. It builds school spirit and a sense of community.

In Primary, each House is led by a House Coordinator who is a member of the teaching staff.

These House Coordinators facilitate and support the participation and well-being of students within their House at events and activities throughout the calendar year. Classroom teachers take pastoral care responsibility for the students in their own classrooms and are assigned to a particular House. As a professional and supportive learning community, the leadership team and teaching staff approach pastoral care together, ensuring that each student feels comfortable, safe and encouraged.

Houses are made up of students from Kindergarten to Year 6 with each student assigned to one of the six Houses. Siblings are assigned to the same House.

Arnold Teal Meadow Springs:
Mrs Renee Goard
Halls Head:
Mrs Natalie Burbage
Mr Geoffrey Arnold was the Foundation Principal of our School. He led Frederick Irwin Anglican School from 1991 until the end of 2011.
Barrett Purple Meadow Springs:
Mrs Katrina Wade
Halls Head:
Mrs Karen Bond
Canon Ken Barrett OAM was the parish priest of Christ’s Church in Mandurah at the time of the School’s foundation; he is an Honorary Life Member of the School Council and an Honorary Freeman of the City of Mandurah.
Ellis Marl Grey Meadow Springs:
Miss Molly Cave
Halls Head:
Miss Alex Skehan
Mr Anthony Ellis was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission.
Gordon Green Meadow Springs:
Mrs Belinda Joynes
Halls Head:
Mrs Bianca Baker
Named after the Gordon tartan that is an integral part of the School’s uniform and also recognises that the School is located on Gordon Road.
Jamieson Blue Meadow Springs:
Mrs Lindy Perry
Halls Head:
Mrs Kerrie Taylor
Bishop Hamish Jamieson was the Bishop of Bunbury at the time of the School’s foundation in 1991. Bishop Jamieson also wrote the School Prayer.
Rose Red Meadow Springs:
Mrs Kimberley Paton
Halls Head:
Mr Brad Tudor
Dr Brennan Rose was the Foundation Chair of our School Council.


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