Frederick Irwin Anglican School Staff


Frederick Irwin, while being a member of the Anglican Schools Commission, is locally governed through a School Council which includes representatives of the Church, parents and the local community.

The Principal is responsible for the day to day operations of the School and in this is supported by six Executive staff and 160 teaching and support staff members. A full-time Chaplain has both teaching and pastoral duties.

This structure ensures the development of policy guidelines that relate to the School in its local environment and therefore issues requiring immediate response are dealt with promptly.

Staff Lists

Term 3 Teaching Staff

Term 3 Support Staff



Ms Kerry Robertson


Mrs Georgina Solomon

Deputy Principal: Curriculum

Mr Andrew Pennycott

Deputy Principal: Secondary

Mrs Sue Skehan

Head of Primary - Meadow Springs

Mr Glyn Teape

Deputy Head of Primary - Meadow Springs

Mr Noah Clark

Head of Primary - Halls Head

Mrs Sue Kirke


Ms Tamara Cowan

Director of Administration

Ms Kylie Anastazjew

Business Manager

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